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Very nice

I like the animation and the voices a lot. I would only make a small suggestion to the viewer to also vieuw the part after the credits. Besides the music at the end is pure gold!


PeteGrammarman responds:

Yes, it is imperative that everyone watch after the credits! Thank you for the review and the advice to the watchers.

Funny little things.

I have never seen the movie, but I like the song and animation a lot! I dont really get the picture you put between, that shows a censored boy and a evil girl???? But I found it funny that you said; He wasn't wearing any pants, during the entire movie.

Nice work, looking forward to the next.

Short and Simpel

It was short and the controls were very easy, but you managed to keep it entertaining with music and funny comments!

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Damn, you forgot something!

I wiped out the entire population of greenland, but the hospital, airport and port are still active! Like there is somebody still left to work. I would have given it a 5, but now it's a 4.

It is a "Would be good, if.."game

The setup of the game is good, but that add introducing the game is always annoying and there is no sound or interaction at all. So a low score.

One more thing

i am always trying to talk about things in a revieuw what has not been talked about before.

Nobody mentioned the first thing you get to see: The front page with the marching rats and the airplanes. freaking awesome!
Then the music of Motzart, love it, really fits! Good job!

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The first notes...

The first few notes I heard (at the new flashmovie: "Stuck") I fought it was the intro of Diablo 2, but then again it wasn't. Its a really good background music, really calming and able to repeat itself without getting boring. A bit of medieval, a bit of darkness and a bit of Joy. A perfect mix. 10/10!

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Darkmaster603 responds:

Hey thanks glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing it!

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Good work

I really like the way you draw the human body. Every curve and every piece of shade etc.. fits really well. Are you gonna work those sketches out?

manbot47 responds:

yeah, i've started tweaking them and doing them in Painter

Good stuff!

Wauw we love black/white drawings and this one is very well done. Your right that your proud of it, because it's excellent! The bridge reminds me of the movie force 10 from Navarone, did you noticed the simmilarity?

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1600 responds:

Thanks :)
I kinda threw in the bridge on impulse- there wasn't one in my original sketch. I've never seen the movie...

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